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NDSCO’s primary objective is to deliver quality T.M.T projects that exceed customer expectation and achieve project goals. We are committed to the timely & accurate delivery of projects with a clear focus on communication, quality, safety & service.

What We Do

Site Acquisition, Environment & Design (SAED)

Project Management & Support

Bid & Tender pricing consultancy

Quality, Compliance,


Safety Auditing with Data collection

UAV (Drone) inspection services and smart solutions

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Field build services and resource management

About Us

A partnership of key industry professionals with proven experience of all scale projects for

the Telecommunications enterprises of Australia  and  around the world. Our core business is accelerating projects for customer organisations, sub-contractor service providers, equipment vendors, material suppliers and  regulatory authorities.


Ensuring end to end quality, from documentation to product delivery for our customers, ethical conduct of our representative, clear and honest communications with a focus on building relationships with our partners.

Health Safety

Systems tailored to specific deployment activities, projects and customer requirements. Continually developing and evolving with the application of industry
standards and best practices.
Our commitment to safety is our experience in the telecommunications sector. NDSCO policy is zero harm to people, community, environment and assets.


Sustainable and responsible management of projects

to ensure a zero harm impact to people & the environment. Adherence to standards and best practices for the responsible management of waste disposal and recycling. Our commitment is to ensure our customers are represented and protected with environmental responsibility to the highest standards.

Customer Focus

Project and program management services externally or within your organization to assist in meeting schedules and delivery commitments to your customers. NDSCO provides complete project management services to augment your organizations capabilities, with specialist management of contractors, service and material providers to deliver projects on time

U.A.V. ( Drone ) Asset & QA Inspection


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